Samples from some of many spots produced with 321Launch, industry leader in previsualization/test commercial production. Mainly produced on short 1-2 week schedules, from storyboards to fully composited video. I was tasked with modelling, rigging, and texturing the props and characters, with more shot specifics listed below.

00:01 Breyers - Modeled and rigged to match product photos, with blendshapes for animation.
00:06 Skinny Cow - Modeled product to match photo reference on package, and rigged to assemble and split apart.
00:08 Anoro - Created inflated balloon world, based on client's storyboard reference. Rigged to inflate and deflate.
00:13 Skinny Cow - Built and rigged product to assemble/split apart, to match photo reference on packaging.
00:17 Lamisil - Built everything from provided illustrations. Included both blocked out animation and final render.
00:27 Anoro - Modeled and rigged props and characters for animation.
00:36 Cocacola - Modeled and rigged character from own design.
00:39 Coppertone - Modeled and rigged dog mascot for animation
00:40 Sprite - Designed and sculpted character. 
00:43 Cocacola - Modeled and rigged extendable liondance costume rig from photo reference.
00:46 Airbourne - Modeled and rigged character based on character sheets.
00:50 Hersheys - Rigged product for animation, to move based on direction.
00:57 Lysol - Modeled product in Maya.
00:58 Hersheys - Modeled and rigged product/wrapper for endtag animation.
01:00 Cocacola - Created character based on in-house concept art.
01:02 Topps Bazooka Joe - Modeled and rigged character for animation for agency pitch, based on character sheet reference.
01:06 Payday - Modeled bar to assemble based on photo reference.